Creating Free Electricity in the 21st Century

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In recent times, we have seen our existing energy sources come under unprecedented pressure. With increased incidence of general power failure, & forced shut downs to achieve electricity savings. There’s no doubting the need for periodic overhaul of World energy practices.

This is most certainly a global situation.  And its impacts are experienced by all humanity. Energy – deemed essential to modern day to day life as we know it.  With the International Energy Agencies prediction that global demand for energy will increase by more than half by 2030. Greater innovation where energy efficiency is concerned must surely be our priority.

One of the most  significant impacts upon ourselves, as individuals would appear to be the sense of “helplessness” experienced when it seems the world is losing the battle in achieving “sustainable solutions”  to our planets ever increasing energy needs.

Another area of impact upon us the global population, is undoubtedly the daily costs associated with the supply & demand of feeding electricity to our households, businesses, & industry. This impact has seen the global cost of electricity supply spiral out of control in recent years.

Renewable energy solutions for the population at a house hold level?  “Yes” I’m here to tell you they do exist. Though due to political & corporate arrogance. Only a small number have ever made it to the public stage!  However, there is a sweet scent of change in the air, and it’s this that truly excites my senses, when talking in terms of discovering the ability to create our own “totally renewable” free electricity for life.

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About Michael Scott

Michael Scott has several years experience in researching sustainable energy innovation ideas. He believes that true self sufficiency brings with it real "personal freedom" as well as environmental awareness & individual wellbeing. Through his website Michael wants to share the best he has discovered in self sufficient energy generation. Visit Michael's website for regular features, top free energy innovation articles, green products and more.
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