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There are several technologies in existence which are capable of generating renewable energy for the individual house hold. These include Solar thermal, Wind power, Hydro power, Biomass, Magnetic perpetual motion Electricity Generators, and Heat pumps (which utilize existing energy in the ground, water, or air).

When considering yourbest Micro-generation options.You should always look at the practicalities of installation, and most certainly – as ‘The Golden Rule’ you need to maximise the cost effectiveness of what-ever micro-generation measure that you choose to implement.

Realistically then, to achieve your house hold ‘Electricity Savings’ & ‘Production’ goals, utilizing ‘cost effective’ actions indicate utilising technologies which may be easily obtained, are well resourced, and cost effective to initially implement, are the BEST options to start with.

As well as being ‘cost effective’ to implement, another important factor to consider is product reliability and maintenance. DIY is generally by far the cheapest option, but so is ensuring you have adequate ‘back up’ product knowledge as part of you micro- generation product purchase. Enabling the ongoing care and maintenance of your electricity generating system to be carried out ‘yourself’ free of charge, whenever it may be required.

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