Free Energy Innovation for a Balanced Earth & Life

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Positive energy technologies really do show us the way forward. On mass, one of the most efficient & beneficial to our planet and ultimately ourselves is Bio energy. Bio – energy is energy generated from organic matter. This energy can then be utilized for electricity, heating, cooling and transportation. It can be generated from organic wastes, from landfill, gas, and agricultural & forestry wastes. Making this kind of energy technology a positive & inventive way to recycle the Earth population’s ever increasing waste.

The key however, to producing efficient & effective Bio energy, is ensuring the waste source utilized in its production is “sustainable”. There are also benefits given that sustainable Bio- energy is also “carbon neutral” to the environment.

Understanding the importance of terms such as “renewable & sustainable” energy solutions. As opposed to “non-renewable or un-sustainable” in essence is the key to understanding the concept of our energy future
here on planet Earth.

Recycling, power saving, conservation, & sustainability are also important factors that require understanding & application to ensure we are able to achieve & maintain a healthy balance between the Earth & us, – humanity.

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