The Natural Benefits of Free Power Generation

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When we look at all the amazing “natural” energy surrounding us here on planet Earth. It tends to fill us with wonderful sense of ore!  And as that famous old song goes… “Birds fly over the rainbow… so why… oh why can’t I” On this note, while we are surrounded by natures natural power. Why is it that it seems so impossible to think in terms of using innovation together with such “natural” elements as magnetic perpetual motion to generate and supply our own electricity needs for free?

At a planet level we must surely consider the clear and present negative impacts of utilizing “unsustainable” natural elements to provide power. There’s the fact that these elements “will” not “might” run out for a start. There’s also the issue of pollutants being released needlessly into our environments. As bi products of continuing down the “un-sustainable” energy path. Let’s face it when we talk about the health & wellbeing of our planet Earth. We’re really talking about “wellbeing” at all levels – most certainly including our own!

 Renewable – sustainable energy however, is obtained from sources that are inexhaustible. Sources such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydro, all which occur naturally on our planet and will never run out. Renewable energy is also “clean energy” and therefore non-polluting. Many forms do not emit any greenhouse gases or toxic waste in the process of producing power. Its sustainable energy sources which can be relied upon for the long term future of power generation.

Sustainable – renewable energy is also cost effective and efficient. Natural energy production (with no nasty emissions) thus has to be the obvious choice when talking in terms of our individual, collective, and environmental wellbeing. And for this reason alone I am excited about the future potential of every house holder, business, and industry to discover and incorporate the amazing innovation of magnetic free power generation.

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Michael Scott has several years experience in researching sustainable energy innovation ideas. He believes that true self sufficiency brings with it real "personal freedom" as well as environmental awareness & individual wellbeing. Through his website Michael wants to share the best he has discovered in self sufficient energy generation. Visit Michael's website for regular features, top free energy innovation articles, green products and more.
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